Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Health Insurance Debate

I’ve been listening to the Health Care debate (and not just passively listening) for months now. The "problems" that our leaders say they are attempting to fix are simply smoke screens. They say they are pushing to lower costs. This plan, if you look at any of the independent studies, will NOT reduce costs, but rather INCREASE them. Why are they purporting to lower costs then? It is an outright lie so that enough of us will buy into the plan to get it passed. They're telling us what we want to hear. If you listen to their words it sounds great. If you look behind the rhetoric and dig down to the substance of this debate you realize that cost was NEVER the issue. They simply want to make decisions FOR you, the American Citizen (and non-citizens for that matter, but that’s another debate…). It is another step towards tyranny; an all powerful central government making the decisions, not just about insurance, but about health care itself. Once they dictate coverage, they can deny payment to a cancer patient because the cost is too high for the mortality rate. Or they can mandate an abortion because the child will be born with severe birth defects or disease. Or they can refuse to give care to seniors because they have already passed their life expectancy and are no longer “productive members of society”; . This is exactly the thing that happens in other countries where a central government power makes the health care decisions on behalf of its people.

I’ve said it before. Anyone who believes that government controlled healthcare will be cheaper is either a fool, or has an agenda. These people most definitely have an agenda.


Garry the Jeweler said...

Oh, they have an agenda alright. And it's one I don't approve of. Hey, have you read Mark Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny"? It's great. If you would like it, I can send it out with Mom when she goes out next week.

sheriwx said...

I'd love it! I have been wanting to read it for some time. That would be great!

Justin and Marie Chapman Family said...

When they passed the bill in the house at midnight on a sat. night (when they take every fetching day off they can possibly take because they have a government job) I was so angry. I dont see how that alone doesnt make people stop and think. "Okay we are in such a rush to pass this health care bill that wont go into effect until 2014 and yet how long has it been since they have asked for more help in Afganastan, and they still havent given a reply, what are they trying to hide here?" And then they did it again last night in the senate. I cant even beleive what Harry Reid said about the debate. "What if they wouldnt even have a debate on slavery, or the right for women to vote." All I could think was I am pretty sure more then 35% of americans where for both of those ammendments. They clearly do not have the support of the American people (their boss) and they dont even give one &%$#$&. Garry you better make sure that man doesnt get any votes from your state next year.